Telemann’s sonatas, published in 1728, are “methodical” according to the meaning of the word in his own day, since in addition to the plain melody line given to the soloist in the first movements they also provide an ornamented variant each time. We commend this instructive and, at the same time, very enjoyable music to today’s flautists and violinists. Our luxurious new publication is the only one to evaluate all available sources. It has a solo and basso-continuo part in which the two instrumental lines are aligned for orientation, plus another part that gives only an unrealised (but figured) bass line. The Henle edition also includes a full score with a stylistically appropriate continuo realisation.

곡 리스트

  • Methodical Sonatas
  • Sonata prima g minor TWV 41:g3
  • Sonata seconda A major TWV 41:A3
  • Sonata terza e minor TWV 41:e2
  • Sonata quarta D major TWV 41:D3
  • Sonata quinta a minor TWV 41:a2
  • Sonata sesta G major TWV 41:G4