Bartók’s Romanian Folk Dances, composed in 1915, are among his best-known works. They exist in multiple forms, since as well as several piano arrangements and a later orchestral version of his own there also exist arrangements by his contemporaries that were made with his consent. Today we can even access performances of the dances by Bartók himself; these recordings document varied repeats enriched by octave doublings to make a sort of “concert version” of the dances. Bartók expert László Somfai brings order to the rich fund of sources, and in Henle’s Urtext edition enters significant variants directly into the musical text itself.

곡 리스트

Romanian Folk Dances BB 68  

Stick Dance BB 68,1피아노 3 하

Sash Dance BB 68,2피아노 2 하

In One Spot BB 68,3피아노 3 하

Dance of Buchum BB 68,4피아노 3 하

Romanian Polka BB 68,5피아노 4 중

Fast Dance BB 68,6피아노 4 중