In 1735 Johann Sebastian Bach published his French Overture BWV 831 together with the famous Italian Concerto as the second part of his “Clavier-Übung”. The designation Ouvertüre (Overture) can be somewhat misleading, since this work consists not just of an opening movement but also of a full-fledged partita with 11 movements: Ouvertüre, Courante, Gavotte I & II, Passepied I & II, Sarabande, Bourrée I & II, Gigue and Echo. In terms of melodic richness and rhythmic play it is on a par with its sister-pieces from Part 1 of the “Clavier Übung“, the 6 Partitas BWV 825-830.

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  • French Overture (Partita b minor) BWV 831