Weber composed an incredible array of compositions in his rather short but at the same time tireless life. Many of them have still to be discovered. The Six Violin Sonatas op. 10 (b), composed in Darmstadt in 1810, are most certainly amongst them. The individual movements are rather short and also not particularly difficult technically. The music is, on the other hand, all the more compelling, which is partly due to the various integrated dance forms: “Carattere Espagnuolo” and “Air Polonais” in Sonata No. 2, “Air Russe” in No. 3, “Siciliano” in No. 5 and a “Polacca” in No. 6. The following performance will show how worthwhile these pieces really are.

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  • Violin Sonata F major op. 10 (b) Nr. 1
  • Violin Sonata G major op. 10 (b) Nr. 2
  • Violin Sonata D major op. 10 (b) Nr. 3
  • Violin Sonata E flat major op. 10 (b) Nr. 4
  • Violin Sonata A major op. 10 (b) Nr. 5
  • Violin Sonata C major op. 10 (b) Nr. 6