Brahms’ Hungarian Dances count on brilliant and spirited virtuosity whereas his 16 Waltzes op. 39 are more modest and intimate. Yet they are just as haunting – who isn’t familiar with the gently rocking melody of no. 15 that is one of Brahms’ best-known musical ideas? His publisher must have had an inkling of the success of this collection, as shortly after its publication in its original version for piano four hands in 1866, he asked the composer for a version for piano solo. We are now publishing it in a revised edition, based on the musical text of the new Brahms Complete Edition.

곡 리스트

Waltzes op. 39  

Waltz B major op. 39,1피아노 7 상

Waltz E major op. 39,2피아노 6 중

Waltz g sharp minor op. 39,3피아노 5 중

Waltz e minor op. 39,4피아노 6 중

Waltz E major op. 39,5피아노 5 중

Waltz C sharp major op. 39,6피아노 7 상

Waltz c sharp minor op. 39,7피아노 6 중

Waltz B flat major op. 39,8피아노 6 중

Waltz d minor op. 39,9피아노 5 중

Waltz G major op. 39,10피아노 6 중

Waltz b minor op. 39,11피아노 6 중

Waltz E major op. 39,12피아노 6 중

Waltz B major op. 39,13피아노 7 상

Waltz g sharp minor op. 39,14피아노 7 상

Waltz A flat major op. 39,15피아노 6 중

Waltz c sharp minor op. 39,16