The high opus number suggests that it is a late work, yet in reality the work comprises twenty single movements which were composed 10 to 15 years before publication. This means that they were written around the time of Schumann’s early masterpieces such as “Carnaval” op. 8 or the “Romances” op. 28 in the 1830s; but they remained unpublished. Following the tremendous success of the “Album for the Youth” op. 68 in 1848, Schumann’s piano music was once again in high demand. The composer therefore published a second selection of works, enabling him to supplement his earnings. Thanks to this, we have a charming collection of easy-to-play pieces, of which the “Little Lullaby” (no. 6) has become the most famous.

곡 리스트

Album Leaves op. 124  

Impromptu op. 124,1피아노 6 중

Leides Ahnung op. 124,2피아노 5 중

Scherzino op. 124,3피아노 6 중

Walzer op. 124,4피아노 4 중

Phantasietanz op. 124,5피아노 5 중

Wiegenliedchen op. 124,6피아노 3 하

Ländler op. 124,7피아노 4 중

Leid ohne Ende op. 124,8피아노 5 중

Impromptu op. 124,9피아노 5 중

Walzer op. 124,10피아노 5 중

Romanze op. 124,11피아노 5 중

Burla op. 124,12피아노 6 중

Larghetto op. 124,13피아노 4 중

Vision op. 124,14피아노 6 중

Walzer op. 124,15피아노 4 중

Schlummerlied op. 124,16피아노 5 중

Elfe op. 124,17피아노 5 중

Botschaft op. 124,18피아노 5 중

Phantasiestück op. 124,19피아노 6 중

Canon op. 124,20