Following the resounding success of his “Album for the Young” op. 68, it seemed natural for Schumann to compose further works with an educational aim. This was part of a contemporary trend and his own children gave him many ideas. The Three Sonatas op. 118 are dedicated to his eldest daughters Marie, Elise and Julie, and can be understood as character studies of the three very different girls. They are comparatively demanding teaching material, although Schumann had intended this: “The young must also become accustomed to performing longer movements”. Not only advanced students of the piano will enjoy these charming “sonatas for the young”!

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Three Piano Sonatas for the Young op. 118  

Piano Sonata (Keepsake for Julie) op. 118,1피아노 3 하

Piano Sonata (Souvenir for Elise) op. 118,2피아노 5 중

Piano Sonata (Dedicated to Marie) op. 118,3