Theodor Kirchner was a successful pianist, pedagogue and composer in Leipzig, Dresden, Zurich, Winterthur and Hamburg. His very extensive output includes works for piano, organ, chamber music and choir. To the very end, Kirchner remained a master of the piano miniature in the tradition of Mendelssohn and Schumann, with characteristic work-titles such as “Album leaf” (op. 7), “Night pictures” (op. 25) and “In quiet hours” (op. 56). His waltzes, polonaises and mazurkas are also worth playing and hearing. This anthology, in customary Urtext quality with 34 piano pieces from all phases of Kirchner’s life, is an outstanding starting point for mastering the works of this German romantic.

곡 리스트

Album Leaves op. 7  

Albumleave op. 7,1피아노 4 중

Albumleave op. 7,2피아노 4 중

Albumleave op. 7,3피아노 4 중

Albumleave op. 7,4피아노 4 중

Albumleave op. 7,5피아노 5 중

Albumleave op. 7,6피아노 5 중

Albumleave op. 7,7피아노 5 중

Albumleave op. 7,8피아노 5 중

Albumleave op. 7,9피아노 5 중

Preludes op. 9, volume 2  

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,9피아노 5 중

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,10피아노 5 중

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,11피아노 7 상

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,12피아노 7 상

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,13피아노 7 상

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,14피아노 7 상

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,15피아노 7 상

Prelude op. 9 Heft 2,16피아노 7 상

Adagio quasi Fantasia op. 12피아노 6 중

Legend op. 18,1피아노 6 중

Waltz op. 23,1피아노 6 중

Waltz op. 23,5피아노 6 중

"Night pictures" no. 2 op. 25,2피아노 6 중

"Night pictures" no. 3 op. 25,3피아노 7 상

"Night pictures" no. 5 op. 25,5피아노 6 중

"Ideals" no. 1 op. 33,1피아노 5 중

"Ideals" no. 2 op. 33,2피아노 6 중

"In stillen Stunden" (In quiet hours) no. 1 op. 56,1피아노 6 중

"In stillen Stunden" (In quiet hours) no. 2 op. 56,2피아노 7 상

"Quiet songs and dances" no. 1 op. 72,1피아노 6 중

"Quiet songs and dances" no. 2 op. 72,2피아노 5 중

"Reflexes" no. 2 op. 76,2피아노 5 중

"Reflexes" no. 5 op. 76,5피아노 6 중

"Reflexes" no. 6 op. 76,6피아노 5 중

Memory-Leave no.1 op. 101,1